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Hello Steve

Very much enjoyed your excellent website. You may find mine of interest (martynlnutland.com).

But what prompted me to contact you is my friend Gerard has just bought a Holbrook lathe. These vintage machine tools appeal to him and he already has a Melhuish under restoration. He would like to know the age of the Holbrook and, if possible, the model. I wondered if I sent you a picture whether you might know as you are obviously an enthusiast for these machines.

He is also puzzled by a circular device at the headstock end that seems to be graduated in degrees and that the vendor told him he neednt bother with! I think this must be to do with Holbrooks rather individual change speed mechanism, but dont really know. Perhaps you have an idea?

Finally, if you do visit my website you will see I am Leonard Lords biographer. You may be interested to know that for a time, circa 1920, Holbrooks chief engineer was Leonard Lord, long before his Morris Eight and BMC days.

All the best

Posted : Sunday 17th January 2016 at 12:14 GMT

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