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1388888603 Herb Kephart We have a couple things in common
Dont remember where I saw the address of you great site, but I enjoyed looking through it. I have a 608 identical to yours, and my son has a Panther 100. He had a 110 at one time, but it was a pig to start, and being heavier, the performance was the same- so he sold it. He has quite a few other old bikes, I guess that the oldest is a 1938 KSS Velo.
Together with both my sons, we have a machine shop, with a lot of old iron, again the oldest is an 1886 42" planer. I never developed an appreciation for the engraving part of metal working (or on guns either for that matter)but I do like to do small machining projects, gear cutting etc for model railroad (O scale)friends, and myself.

Sure wish that I could stumble onto a pile of Rivett accessories, as you did!

Have a great day!

Herb Kephart
Posted : Sunday 5th January 2014 at 02:23 GMT

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